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Returns of the 24h of Le Mans's week

In writing...

Returns of the day

This morning, the Girls Racing Team was another training during 2 hours. They felt good on the bike. After few turns the time were down for all the girls.

At 2 p.m, Margaux Wanham was at the Women’s Cup. She’s finished at the 1st place during this day.

3.40 p.m : It was the start of the qualificating. Melissa Paris (Blue), Amandine Creusot (Yellow), Margaux Wanham (Red) and Muriel Simorre (Green). During this afternoon, Margaux Wanham falling down in our last lap but she was doing the best time between the girls : 1’42’’4. Melissa Paris : 1’43’’73, Amandine Creusot : 1’44’’29 and Muriel Simorre 1’47’’13.

Full day for the girls but tonight it will the night training. Will start at 8.30 pm.

We will give you some news tomorrow morning at 10 a.m for the 2nd qualificating.

24 hours of Le Mans, France : Day 1

Today, it was the training for the Girls Racin Team on the Bugatti track. Under the sun of Le Mans, France, Melissa Paris, Amandine Creusot, Margaux Wanham et Muriel Simorre were doing the last settings on the Yamaha-YZF R1.

The training of today were good and the bike is, like all the time, get ready by our mechanics.

Our schedule for the week :

  • Thursday morning, training
  • Thursday afternoon, 1st qualify
  • Thursday night, night’s training
  • Friday morning, 2nd qualify
  • Saturday at 3 p.m, departure of the 24 hours of Le Mans, France

We thought to Margaux Wanham for her taking part of the  Women’s Cup. Tomorrow she will do her training. Gassssssss !

Training of the Girls Racing Team at Valencia track

The Girls Racing Team ; Melissa Paris, Amandine Creusot, Margaux Wanham and Muriel Simorre were on Valencia track, Spain. The 1st training with Margaux Wanham for the team. It was the oppurtunity for the team to tame the Yamaha R1 #19.

Exclusively, few words from Amandine Creusot and Margaux Wanham. The training was started under the rain to prepare the 24 hours of Le Mans, France who will take place the 15-16 April 2017.

Amandine Creusot :

«  When I arrived in Valencia, Spain, I got anxious : it was the start of my season on the new bike and on new track to me ! And ... Under the rain …

So, few  laps on the track, and the Ymaha R1 made me feel confident.

After a 1st day on a soggy track, I loose patience to try this motorbike on dry track ! Then two days of good weather or I enjoyed on the handlebars of the Yamaha R1 with a crazy engine.

The 2D helped us to progress and see the qualities and defects of each.


I want to thank the girls for your support and for the 3 nice days with you.

I love you Girls

See you to Le Mans 

Tornado#41 »

Margaux Wanham :

« These 3 days of training on the Valencia track ave been very beneficial to me. I got to know the Yamaha R1 wich I had a very good feeling. Usually riding on a Suzuki 100 GSXR and not used to electronic systems. But, I still adapted fairly quickly.

We had different weather conditions, which allowed us to test and approve different settings. The acquisition of data also allowed us to analyze and work in more driving’s details.

The team’s atmosphere is really nice, it promises good times for the following adventure.

It’s a serious and strict team. I hope to be able to improve further and share this awesome experience with this team of the 24 hours of Le Mans, France. »

To be continued… few pics !

Unnamed 1Unnamed 2Unnamed 16Unnamed 11

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Link of our crowfunding :

Today we ask you to mobilize, in order to ease us some expenses for the 24H Motos race, which will take place the 15-16 April 2017. The practice of motocycling is a sport that requires a lot of money, and without our partners and you, dear readers we wouldn’t be where we are at this moment !  Ready for the departure of the 24H Motos race at Le Mans, France and we put the gassss to participate at the EWC FIM !

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See you soon

Thanks to our official sponsor

We just to thank warmly our official sponsor. Especially to the company SARL PESSELIER, without them the Girls Racing Team wouldn’t have existed. Since few years, some sponsor like Elios, STG, the restaurant Le Colisée at Saint Martin d’Hères, France, Rent Car, Réservoir Pub, the School IMT at Grenoble, France, SIG, SKEED, PPL, SD Services, ATZ HJC Helmets, Blues Brodeurs and the company Richardson.

Thanks to our new sponsor, Minerva Oil, Le Quai Vin at Saint Martin d’Hères, France and A2SR at Annecy, France.

Gasss to new story!

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An awesome 2nd place in 2014 at the 24H Barcelone race

24h Barcelona After months of preparation, motorcycle and all materials are ready, thanks to the mammoth job of Laura, Louis and Pierre.

 Wednesday, July 2nd : We take the star to Barcelona with 4 trucks and a car fully loaded. After 7 hr drive we arrived in front of entering the circuit, I found Jolanda and make the acquaintance of Kat. It's time to install everything but the IMT mechanics who are with us are present and effective. Everyone puts his hand into the dough so that everything is mounted before evening. With the girls, we start to walk around the track to discover or rediscover the way.

Thursday 3rd : The day is devoted to free practice. Amandine must get used to the bike, but very quickly Tornado does very good lap times. Jolanda and Kat discovers the circuit and the bike they will ride a little more. Unfortunately a storm comes and stop testing. When the track is dry again, Jolanda restarts, she adapts very quickly and her lap time are excellent. Kat is a little harder but it will come. I do not drive too long to let the other girls get acquainted with the R6, but I'm not very happy with my time, 3-4 s over what I can do .... I don’t like Dunlop (mandatory !)

Friday 4th : Administrative and technical checks succeed. In the late afternoon we start a practice session. I let ride the other girls, so I leave for my qualifying without having ridden before, we'll see ! At 18h qualifying sessions begin. Amandine (blue pilot) started, very motivated, and made crazy lap in 1'59''1. So focused on trying to make 1'58 she doesn’t stop, does not see the trip fuel and break down fuel. The bike will be returned to the box 10 minutes later, which shortens the qualifying of Jolanda who will leave with cooled tires. Jolanda has to settle for a half with two qualifying laps to warm the tires, never mind, Jolanda open gas and she make a beautiful 1'59'' 8 .... Phew, this mishap could have much more serious consequences. Kat rushes to turn and run in 2'06'' 9. In my turn, and as usual, I do a very bad qualifying 2'05. Well, the most important thing is that we are all qualified.

Night practice begin, Amandine will ride with a test of safty car. Riding at night gives extraordinary sensations. I'm really fun to ride at night, even if I do not advance quickly for my obligatory minimum 5 rounds. Everyone runs to discover the night driving. Tomorrow is the big day.

Saturday 5th : The beginning of the day is pretty relaxed. After a photo shoot on the pitlane with the Alps Endurance Team, we take for stars during pitwalk. We sign post and even caps !

 15h the hard work begins. We will set off 39th on the grid (5th 600sst). This is Jolanda who will start. It's hot, bodies will suffer ...

Green Light, 50 motorcycles rushed into a starting call "Le Mans". Jolanda does a good start and still progress in the 1st round. After an hour of racing, we lift up to the 27th and 4th in 600sst. But this is only the beginning. I finally make better lap in 2'03, even if it is not still very good. Amandine and Jolanda make crazy lap time and after 4 hours of racing we climbed to 20th place (4th 600sst). We maintain this place for many hours. After 10 hours of travel, we point to 16th place (3rd in 600sst). We are more motivated than ever ... We have to get there !

Here starts a big fight between the Girls Racing Team, 94 and 95 ... Around 4 I leave for my night shift at the end of the line my foot misses the selector and I can’t spend the 2 nd gear, a small straight, fortunately there is a good clearance to that place ... Well, I continue and finish my stint. When I arrived at the box, I see the mechanics bustle on the Yamaha R6 I wonder what there is, the bike is then entered in the box for an oil leak, already observed in the relay of Amandine. Observation : hole in the oil filter ... 10 min immobilization, drain and spring motorcycle. The motorbike can leave, Gasssss !

After 18h, we remain at 95, 3rd in 600sst. At the 19th hour, we are 18th and 2nd in 600 !! The tired begins to be felt, but the motivation is the strongest. Come on girls, we never missed a beat .... And we let go nothing.

A 15h Sunday 6, Amandine pass the finish flag in 2nd place (16th overall) with 10 laps ... advances on the 3rd. This is our best way to scratch that we have ever done.

Congratulations girls, another podium for the second consecutive year ...

I want to thank the great team that surrounded and supported us in these sensational moment ...Amandine creusot 24h de barcelone 2014Dsc01011